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Baseline noise monitoring (wc. 05 June – wc. 10 July)

We will shortly be carrying out baseline noise monitoring around the proposed Springwell Solar Farm site.

Noise levels are being measured to help us understand existing background noise in the local area. Background noise can come from a range of everyday sources – including road traffic, aircraft and agricultural operations.

We are collecting this data so that we can accurately assess the potential effect Springwell would have on the surrounding environment. It is important for us to understand where existing background noise is low to ensure that elements of Springwell do not significantly increase noise levels at these locations. This includes noise from construction and decommissioning activity as well as during operation.

Noise monitoring equipment – similar to a camera tripod – will be positioned at a number of locations around the site for a continuous one-week period.

We will be measuring noise levels during both the day and night-time as well as over weekdays and weekends to make sure we have a representative sample at each location.

We are collecting this data over a period of approximately six weeks. You may see members of the team setting up and removing the equipment on-site during this time. All equipment will be removed during the week commencing 10 July.

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