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Ground investigation works (24 April)

We are currently carrying out ground investigation works.

Soil and rock samples are being collected from fields within the proposed Springwell Solar Farm site.  These will help us to develop a detailed understanding of the ground conditions and inform our environmental assessments.

We are collecting these samples over a period of approximately six weeks, with work finishing on-site by 29 May. Adverse weather conditions might result in work continuing past this date.

All of the work is taking place in field margins and away from homes, but you may see some of our team members on-site over the next few weeks. We have checked the locations where we will be working to make sure we don’t disturb wildlife or utilities.

The samples are being collected either from trial pits dug with a JCB excavator or from a borehole drilled by a van-sized rig. Where we are drilling boreholes, you may hear some hammering for short periods.

Some boreholes will also be fitted with plastic tubes to allow us to monitor groundwater levels. These will remain in place for 3-4 weeks. We will fill in all other trial pits and boreholes immediately after taking the sample.


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