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Traffic surveys (wc. 12 June)

We are carrying out traffic surveys to count the number of vehicles using local roads around the proposed Springwell site.

We are collecting this data so that we can understand the amount of traffic that uses these roads on a weekly basis. This will help us to accurately assess the potential effect Springwell would have on the surrounding environment.

Particularly, the results of these surveys will help us to measure the effect of construction and decommissioning traffic on local roads – helping us to determine which routes would be most appropriate.

Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) will be set up at different positions around the site, and you may see staff installing these at the beginning of the week. These look like two parallel wires crossing the road – they log when vehicles drive over them, as well as the speed at which they are driving.

You might hear a small amount of hammering when these are being put into place, but this is not expected to be disruptive.

The ATCs will be in place for a week to make sure we have a representative sample at each location, covering weekdays as well as weekends.

All equipment is expected to be removed by 20 June.

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